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Tag: password

Changing the Interactive Reports password

When an Interactive report is sent via e-mail to a user, the user will receive a link (or two links depending on server settings) to the report. The user must enter a password to access the report.

  • The default password is password.
  • This password should be changed on the Settings – Reports – Interactive Reports screen.
  • The password must be used by anyone trying to access an Interactive report.

How to change log file database password in Cyfin

If you have recently changed the password for your log file database, you will need to change it in Cyfin as well. There are two ways to do this.

Method One (Report setup wizard)

This information applies to version 9.3.0 and earlier.

  1. In the interface, navigate to Data Management – Log Data Source – Setup¹.
  2. In the Select Configuration drop-down box, choose your current configuration.
  3. Follow the steps, changing only the password when prompted.
Method Two (Direct file edit)
  1. Stop the Cyfin service.
  2. Navigate to …\Wavecrest\Cyfin\wc\cf\db.
  3. Open logfilesManager.xml in an editor (such as WordPad).
  4. Modify the token <set dbpassword=”****”/> with the new password.
  5. Save the file.
  6. Restart the service.


¹ For version 8.8.3a and earlier: Logfiles – Setup