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Tag: iTunes

Signing in to iTunes causes verification error with Apple ID server

When signing in to your iTunes app, you may encounter the following verification error:

There was an error connecting to Apple ID server.

To resolve this issue, do the following:

  1. In CyBlock, go to Settings – SSL Inspection.
  2. In the Domain Exceptions list, add the domain *

If you continue to get this error, add the following bypass entry:

  1. On the User Management – Authentication – Bypass tab, click the green button green button.
  2. Enter the following:
    • URL or Domain = *
    • User-Agent = iTunes (unknown version) CFNetwork/*
  3. Click the Add button.

You should no longer be getting the connecting error when attempting to sign in to your iTunes app.

How to allow iTunes to bypass authentication

Users configured to go through the proxy may experience connection issues with iTunes.

To allow iTunes to bypass authentication, two entries need to be added to the Authentication Manager.

  1. Open the CyBlock interface and navigate to User Management – Authentication¹ ².
  2. Select the Bypass tab.
  3. Click the green button green button in the upper right-hand corner to add a new bypassed entry.
    – For “URL or Domain,” enter * (with asterisk). For “User-Agent,” enter an asterisk (iTunes/*). Click Add.
  4. Add a second bypassed entry.
    – For “URL or Domain,” enter an asterisk (*). For “User-Agent,” enter iTunes/* (with asterisk).


¹ For CyBlock version 9.0.5 and later: User Management – Authentication – Manager. Click Add new bypass entry at the bottom of the Bypassed list.

² For CyBlock version 6.8.3a and earlier: Advanced SettingsProxy SettingsAuthentication Manager. Click Add new bypass entry at the bottom of the Bypassed list.