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Tag: blocking message

Blocking message displays wrong user ID

If the blocking message shows the wrong user ID and the user is on Windows 7, it is most likely a cached user ID issue.

Please check the following:

  • Open User Accounts by clicking the Start button, and selecting Control Panel and then User Accounts.
  • In the left pane, click Manage your credentials.
  • If the user has any entries under Windows Credentials, remove these stored/cached IDs.

Open a new browser, and the user should now be utilizing his normal Windows domain logon.

Customizing your blocking message in the new CyBlock UI

You can now easily customize your blocking message using a Message Editor embedded in the new interface (versions 9.0.5 and later). Previously, your HTML file would have to be modified outside the product (CyBlock Software), or you used the default blocking message (CyBlock Appliance).

You can use the Toolbar buttons in the Message Editor to change the formatting of the text and to add the necessary tokens in the blocking message. Or, you can enter a URL that the user will be redirected to when he or she tries to access a blocked site.

  1. Go to Web Management – Filter – Message.


  1. Select Custom or Redirect to configure your blocking message.
  2. If you selected Custom, the Wavecrest default blocking message is displayed in the Message Editor. Customize the blocking message to suit your needs using the Toolbar buttons to change formatting and the Tokens drop down to add the necessary tokens in the blocking message.
  3. If you selected Redirect, type the URL for the blocking message in the Redirect To field. The URL must include the protocol such as http://.


  1. Click Submit to apply your settings.
  2. If for some reason you need to revert to the Wavecrest default blocking message, click Restore Default.

For additional assistance, please contact Technical Support at (321) 953-5351, Ext. 4 or

Modifying the blocking message

You can customize the blocking message seen by your users by navigating to Web Management – Filter – Message¹.

Note:  The default blocking message does not allow for outside linking to files.


¹ For version 6.8.3a and earlier:

  1. You can edit the standard blocking message by opening …Wavecrest\CyBlock\wc\cyblock\db\stdBlkMsg.htm.
  2. Alternately, you can create your own HTML page and link to it by navigating within the product to Advanced Settings – Filter Settings – Web Blocking Message.