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PAC File Configuration

Using the PAC file in the new UI

When upgrading an older version 6.x.x of CyBlock to the newer version 9.x.x, the path for the PAC file needs to be updated in the browser settings, if you are using the PAC file to filter Web traffic.

  1. For the automatic proxy configuration in the browser, use the following URL:

http://<IP of Proxy Server>:8080/proxy.pac

  1. Replace port 8080 if this is not your current proxy port.
  2. To view your current proxy port, go to the Settings – Proxy – PAC File screen. The full URL is displayed for your PAC file.

Laptop users and off-site access (PAC file)

When users are outside the network, they will not be able to access the Internet if proxy settings are in place. The proxy auto-config (PAC) file allows users to access the Internet directly after a time-out period, if no proxy is found.

  • For version 9.0.5 and later, use http://<IP of Proxy Server>:8080/proxy.pac.
  • For version 6.8.3a and earlier, use http://<IP of Proxy Server>:7999/pac/proxy.pac.


To bypass the proxy for certain domains, use the exceptions field in the CyBlock interface.

  • 9.0.5 and later: Settings – Proxy – PAC File
  • 6.8.3a and earlier: Advanced Settings – Proxy Settings – PAC File Configuration