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v9.5.1.b Release Notes for Cyfin


  • Security 
    • Updated jQuery library to version 3.6.0 which corrects security issue.
  • Log Configurations
    • Added Cisco Umbrella Export.
    • Added Fortigate Export.
    • Added Sophos Web Application.
    • Updated CheckPoint config to handle HTTPS Inspection records and URL Filtering records to sites with invalid certificates.
  • Performance
    • Sped up startup by moving template verifier and empty indices tasks to job queue.


  • Log Parser
    • Fixed parser not handling configurations that have optional header record line. 
    • Fixed issue of not using correct port field to assign protocol.
    • Properly adjusting log date by timezone adjustment in config file.
    • Correctly dealing with escape characters in log fields.
    • Sped up performance by fixing method to consolidate configurations using the same tokenizer to single parser. An error in the method to identify identical tokenizers was leading to excessive parsers and incorrect stats.
  • Log Download
    • Fix log download issue by using js window for SSL download and php for non-secure.