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Tag: laptop

Laptop users and off-site access (PAC file)

When users are outside the network, they will not be able to access the Internet if proxy settings are in place. The proxy auto-config (PAC) file allows users to access the Internet directly after a time-out period, if no proxy is found.

  • For version 9.0.5 and later, use http://<IP of Proxy Server>:8080/proxy.pac.
  • For version 6.8.3a and earlier, use http://<IP of Proxy Server>:7999/pac/proxy.pac.


To bypass the proxy for certain domains, use the exceptions field in the CyBlock interface.

  • 9.0.5 and later: Settings – Proxy – PAC File
  • 6.8.3a and earlier: Advanced Settings – Proxy Settings – PAC File Configuration