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Benefits of Upgrading to Cyfin VM

Wavecrest is excited to share more information about upgrading your Cyfin. The latest Cyfin VM will open up your Web reporting capabilities to be easier and much more useful than ever before!

We have expanded Cyfin’s machine-learning algorithms, substantially improving the visit filter and time online calculation and providing faster data retrieval, bringing you superior data insights that are more actionable than ever before.

The expansion of the reporting features also includes expanded fields to report on! To us manager ready means easy and understandable for everyone. We have added a new tagging field provides a friendly name for sites visited. Managers do not need to dig through firewall data to get to the information they need, making the report much easier for every manager, admin, HR, and others to interpret.

Our new Custom Reporting feature has also become one of our new faves. Every business is different, and that means they want different information, different formats, and at different times. Cyfin’s Custom Reports allows you more control by giving you easy drag-and-drop tools to build tailored reports for different departments, run these reports ad hoc, allow managers access to their data while using your customized templates, and more. All to provide you flexibility for reports that specifically fit your company’s unique needs.

We have also focused on becoming even more user-friendly, low maintenance, and sensitive to IT time constraints. Cyfin is now much more scalable, with easier processes to expand the metric server cluster and distribute the processing, as well as making it easier to manage system resources for both Cyfin and metric server/s.

We are not stopping there. With the new Cyfin environment the sky’s the limit. It has opened up our ability to work on what you need almost to the point of customizing it for you!

A peek of just a few things we have up our sleeves:

  • Geolocation report that provides the country of the websites your employees’ visited
  • Improved search term reports
  • Improved user agent report

Based on the advances in the technology and the increase and speed of features, we recommend you upgrade to the latest version of Cyfin. Even though we feel the upgrade is relatively straightforward please know that Support will spend as much or as little time with you as you deem necessary! We are here for you, so please ask any questions or request any other information!

Upgrading from Cyfin v9.2.8 to v9.4.x