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v9.6.5 Release Notes for CyBlock Software & Virtual Appliance Release Notes


  • Health
    • Added new Health status page to display the current state of different components in the product through Health Modules. These modules can be configured to trigger notification alert emails when an error is detected. The following modules are currently available:
      • License Expiration – Checks the number of days left on the license and can trigger warning and error notifications based on days left.
      • Syslog Inactivity – Checks active syslog ports for data being sent and triggers alert when no data is received in a configurable time period. Module also checks for valid data being received instead of just any data and triggers different error alert accordingly.
  • Reporting
    • Dashboard
      • Visualizer
        • Added an extensive library of preconfigured charts for users to select when creating new panels.
  • Library
    • Updated product to use most recent MySQL library (8.0.33).


  • Dashboard
    • Removed “AVG Daily Usage” and “AVG Daily Ingestion” tiles because metric is not useful when combined with metric data removal as it is currently. Results include large possible negative numbers.