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Tag: blank Web pages

Web site not loading correctly through the proxy

When going through the proxy, a user may experience issues with a Web page loading incorrectly. The problems may manifest in various ways, such as:

  • The page is blank.
  • The page shows multiple red x’s throughout.
  • The page is improperly formatted and mostly (or only) text.

Below are two methods to try to get the page to appear properly.

  1. Embedded content may be blocked by the Banners and Ads category.
    • Unblock the Banners and Ads category and refresh the browser.
  2. The Web site has been explicitly allowed, but content delivery domains (CDNs) are still being blocked.
    • To determine if a content domain is being blocked, use the Real-Time Monitor (RTM).
    • In the CyBlock interface, go to¬†Real-Time Monitors – Web.
    • Remove “Enterprise” from the Groups field. In the IDs field, add only the user who will be testing the Web page.
    • Click Start Monitor.
    • Attempt to reload the page and watch the RTM for any URLs that appear in red.
    • Add these URLs to an allowed category (Categorization – Customize – URLs).
    • Reload the page.

If the above options do not fix the issue, please contact Technical Support at (321) 953-5351, Ext.4 or