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Tag: activate CyBlock Software

Activating CyBlock Software

These instructions are for new and renewing CyBlock Software customers.

  1. For new customers: To activate CyBlock Software, you have two options to get started:
    • Log on to your CyBlock Software evaluation copy.
    • Install a new version of CyBlock Software (if you want the product located on a different server) and log on using the default logon and password listed below.
      • Logon – admin
      • Password – password
        For CyBlock versions 9.0.5 and later: You will be required to change your password. After changing your temporary password, log on with your new password.
  2. For renewing customers: Log on to CyBlock Software.
  3. Go to the License Information screen.
    • For CyBlock versions 9.0.5 and later: Go to Settings – License.
    • For CyBlock versions 6.8.3a and earlier: Go to Setup – License.
  4. In the Serial Number field, enter the number found in the CyBlock Subscription Activation Key Certificate in your e-mail.
  5. In the Activation Key field, enter the Activation Key also found in the Certificate.
  6. Click the Submit button to save the changes.