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Understanding the Reporting Features of Our Products

Welcome to your go-to guide for mastering the reporting capabilities of our products. The Reporting section in the product menu is your hub for all things related to data analysis and distribution. Here, you’ll find tools designed to streamline your workflows and enhance your data-driven decisions. Let’s explore each feature and share some best practices.

Templates and Manager

Located under the “Reporting” section, the Templates and Manager are key to crafting and distributing your reports efficiently:

  • Manager: This feature houses a comprehensive library of pre-built reports included as defaults with the product. Here, you also find custom reports you’ve created using our intuitive template builder in the “Templates” section. Whether selecting an existing template or a custom one, you’ll define the report’s timeframe and apply any necessary filters. The data in these reports can be tailored so recipients only view information they are permitted to access. You can:
    • Run the report immediately to view on-screen.
    • Run the report and email it directly to specified addresses.
    • Schedule the report to run automatically on a set schedule and send it via email.
  • Templates: Use the template builder to create custom report templates that fit your specific needs, ensuring all relevant information is captured and presented clearly.


The second pivotal section under “Reporting” is Dashboard, which includes an option called Visualizer:

  • Visualizer: An advanced tool for creating dynamic dashboards, the Visualizer empowers users to construct personalized dashboard views that highlight critical data points. Dashboards are incredibly effective for ongoing monitoring and quick data retrieval, tailored to the specific roles and responsibilities of the user. This feature not only boosts productivity but also supports robust decision-making processes. Furthermore, administrative controls allow for the restriction of data access, safeguarding sensitive information and ensuring compliance.


  • Report Template Manager: Ideal for those who need to distribute and/or schedule reports via email, enabling organized and timely sharing of insights.
  • Visualizer: Perfect for users requiring real-time data interaction within a secure, customizable dashboard environment.

For step-by-step instructions and more detailed guidance on using these features, please refer to the screen help documentation available within the product.

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