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Issue: Is Byte Data Missing from Your Cyfin Reports?


When using Cyfin, you may notice that byte data is missing from some of your reports. This can happen due to the specific firewall you are using, as not all firewalls provide byte data with each web activity record.

How Cyfin Handles Byte Data:

  1. Firewall Limitations:
    • Some firewalls do not include byte data with individual web activity records.
    • This limitation can result in missing byte data in Cyfin reports.
  2. Cyfin’s Solution:
    • Cyfin can still capture byte data by parsing your firewall’s connection activity records.
    • Connection activity records generally contain byte usage information, which Cyfin can process.
  3. General Byte Usage Reporting:
    • Due to firewall constraints, it may not always be possible to directly associate byte data with specific web activity records.
    • In such cases, Cyfin will provide a general overview of byte usage within the relevant time frame.

Note: While Cyfin makes every effort to accurately report byte data, the level of detail and association with specific web activities may vary depending on your firewall’s capabilities.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact our support team. We are here to help ensure you get the most accurate and comprehensive reports possible.

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