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Get Ready for Your Cyfin Trial: Pre-Evaluation Checklist

Welcome to your Cyfin evaluation! We’re excited to help you discover the full potential of our product. At Wavecrest, it’s important to us that your evaluation experience is both smooth and successful. To ensure you get the most out of your trial and can start testing quickly, there are a few key setup steps to complete.

Our knowledgeable, U.S.-based support team is ready to assist you every step of the way. Below, you’ll find a checklist of the initial configurations you’ll need to address before starting your evaluation. These steps are crucial for activating all core features of Cyfin. Don’t worry—if you encounter any hurdles, our support team is just a call or an email away.

Pre-Evaluation Checklist:

  1. Firewall Setup
    • Syslog Setup: Do you have access to your firewall’s syslog configuration settings? This configuration is necessary for your firewall to forward log data to Cyfin, which is essential for reporting and analysis.
    • Verify User IDs: Ensure that the firewall is logging a User ID in log records so each employee’s activity can be clearly identified. This is crucial for accurate user-specific activity tracking and reporting.
    • SSL Inspection: Is SSL inspection enabled on your firewall? Enabling SSL inspection enhances Cyfin’s capability to analyze encrypted traffic, providing deeper insights. Learn more about the benefits of enabling SSL inspection on your firewall here.
  2. Virtual Platform Setup (VMware or Hyper-V)
    • Ensure you have access to the virtual machine system needed to launch the Cyfin virtual image. This step is vital for deploying Cyfin in a virtual environment.
    • Please download the Cyfin virtual image. If you do not have the link to download it, please contact sales for assistance.
  3. Active Directory Setup
    • For Cyfin to connect to your Active Directory, it requires a “read-only” service account. If you don’t have access to an existing account, you will need administrator access to create one. This setup is crucial for integrating Cyfin with your network for authentication and to sync your groups and ID structure with Cyfin.
  4. Email Setup
    • Gather your email domain name or IP address and email port. For Cyfin to send emails, you’ll need to enable email relay on your email server. This allows Cyfin to email generated reports to their defined recipients and alert you about important events.

Remember, the goal of these preparations is to optimize your trial experience, enabling you to fully test and evaluate Cyfin’s capabilities. If you have any questions or need assistance with any of the steps, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.

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