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What is CyBlock Directory Agent?

For CyBlock Cloud customers, CyBlock Directory Agent is a directory synchronization tool that bridges the gap between your internal Active Directory (AD) and CyBlock Cloud service. It updates the user information required by the cloud service keeping the cloud service in sync with the local AD.

The highlights of how the Directory Agent works are as follows:

  • A CyBlock Cloud account is created for you with the Directory Agent module enabled.
  • You will receive an e-mail notification to complete your registration by logging on to the interface.
  • You install the Directory Agent on an appropriate computer that has internal network access to AD
    and external network access to the cloud service.
  • Once the Directory Agent is installed, you pair the installation with your cloud account.
  • You create an AD configuration to link to your internal AD. Multiple AD configurations may be created.
  • You import users and groups from AD manually or schedule a daily import.
  • The imported users and groups are synced with the cloud service.
  • You can view the imported users and groups to verify the grouping structure.
  • When AD configuration changes occur, they automatically sync with the cloud service.