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v9.6.6 Release Notes for Cyfin


  • Categorization
    • Customize
      • URLs
        • Added ability to customize Application/Sites categorization by either editing existing Application/Sites urls or creating a custom Application/Site.
  • User Management
    • Logon Accounts
      • Added 2-factor authentication to logon accounts. When enabled for an account using the edit Logon Account screen, an email code is sent to the corresponding email address each time that user logs on.
  • Reports
    • Application/Sites Sessions
      • New Web Session reporting. Added web data analyzer to identify user Web Sessions based on a user’s activity to an application. Analyzer is scheduled to run daily to identify sessions for the previous day. Added session fields of Session Start Time, Session Stop time and Session Hits to template reporting and pre-configured Dashboard and panels to Visualizer to display User Session information.
  • Settings
    • Session Analyzer
      • Added new screen to adjust the configurations used by the Session Analyzer. In addition, you can also re-analyze the web data for a given configuration.
  • Data Management
    • Log Types
      • Updated CheckPoint parser to be able to parse additional types of records.
      • Updated Zscaler to:
        • parse CSV export and Event format.
        • include additional fields like Super Category.
        • Removed None as valid application.
        • Removed default browser value.
        • Added Tunnel protocol mapping to https
      • Updated Palo Alto parser to include better header record matching. Prevents issues where URL field is misconfigured.
    • Parser
      • Updated parser to properly handle records that have duplicate keys by validating the value.
      • Updated parser to allow protocol mapping to convert field value to http or https protocol.


  • Health
    • Corrected problem with lingering connections to metric server leading to performance degradation.
  • Arrays
    • Fixed product update instructions to propagating to array members.