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v9.6.6.c Release Notes for Cyfin


  • Secure Communication
    • Added communication client to talk to Wavecrest App Center.
      • Added communication for requesting evaluation license for Reporting modules (Firewall, O365,etc etc).
  • Reporting
    • Templates
      • When creating audit section and sorting by Bytes, order by Bytes descending instead of default of Date ascending.
  • Log Configurations
    • Updated FortiGate parser to properly handle Web session logging in FortiGate where multiple URLs are visited during a single session. Byte field is calculated for each request during the session (if present). 
  • Firewall Reporting
    • Templates
      • Added FortiGate option for Data Type in Report Templates to create sections for FortiGate firewall data.
  • Data Management
    • Log Data Setup
      • Updated configuration wizard to allow customer to choose Wavecrest categories or the categories contained in the device log (if present).
      • Added ability to enable or disable firewall data collection.
        • If License upgrade is required for Firewall module, a link is provided to request a free trial using new Secure Communication component.
      • Added ability to define timezone when no timezone is configured in the device log.


  • Reports
    • Fixed the total row in the Top Classifications table in Site Analysis report to display the word Total instead of Neutral.