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V9.4.1 Release Notes for Cyfin


  • App/Site
    • Added new metric field App/Site to records. This metric is provided through the new version 10 list and applied during manual log import, syslog, or direct import.
    • Report Templates
      • Ability to select App/Site into top or audit report sections.
    • Dashboard
      • Added App/Site to Custom dashboard chart grouping and subgrouping.
    • Categorization – List Version
      • Added ability to toggle between new list 10 with app/site information or the previous list version 9 without.
    • Categorization – Check URL
      • Now returning App/Site information during URL lookup.
  • Metric Server
    • Added check to remove empty indices at startup and during import data delete.
  • Log File Configurations
    • Updated all Check Point log configurations to include the Drop action as a valid result code.


  • Updated JDBC connect method to properly set the catalog (database) upon instantiating new database connection.