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V9.4.0.a Release Notes for CyBlock


  • Interactive Reports
    • Added option to disable password requirement for viewing interactive reports.
  • Hit/Visits
    • Enhanced hit/visit Algorithm
    • For log configurations with 3rd party categories, now still looking at Wavecrest categorization for hit/visit calculation.


  • AD Import by Field
    • Corrected the order of the nested fields as this was inverted.
    • Filter is now case insensitive
    • Filter is applied to entire AD import path. eg. If you had a group called Wavecrest with a subgroup of Development and you filtered on Development, the Wavecrest parent group would be missing.
  • Encoding
    • Fixed library to proper handle unicode characters in json encodings.
  • Logon Accounts
    • Fixed the manner in which the logon accounts modifications where being submitted from the interface to prevent browser size limitation.