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Tag: interactive reporting

Changing the Interactive Reports password

When an Interactive report is sent via e-mail to a user, the user will receive a link (or two links depending on server settings) to the report. The user must enter a password to access the report.

  • The default password is password.
  • This password should be changed on the Settings – Reports – Interactive Reports screen.
  • The password must be used by anyone trying to access an Interactive report.

Cannot log on to interface after interactive report password reset

This information applies to version 9.2.4 and earlier. Version 9.2.5 and later resolve this issue.

If you are attempting to get to an interactive report and have forgotten the password, DO NOT attempt to reset the password from the interactive report Logon screen. If you have done this and cannot log on with any accounts, please do the following:

  1. Stop the CyBlock/Cyfin service.
  2. Open the following file with a text editor as an Administrator:
    • For CyBlock: …Wavecrest\CyBlock\wc\cyblock\db\accessAccounts.xml
    • For Cyfin: …Wavecrest\Cyfin\wc\cf\db\accessAccounts.xml
  3. Locate the following class:

<new class=”wc.browser.accounts.browserUserAccountData”>
<set username=”report_viewer” />
<set authenticationType=”NO AD” />
<set password=”0x1f1ee81c8d844aebda077ca24d8ce9ca” />
<set temp=”true” />
<set fullname=”Report Viewer” />
<set emailAddress=”” />
<set homeDir=”C:\TEMP” />
<set accountType=”2″ />
<class allowedGai=”wc.browser.accounts.browserAllowedGaiData”>

  1. Change true to false.
  2. Save the file.
  3. Start the CyBlock/Cyfin service.

You should now be able to log on to the interface once again. If you are still seeing issues, please contact Technical Support at