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Tag: cloud services reports

Reporting on cloud service activity

Providing a number of cloud service categories, CyBlock/Cyfin categorizes your cloud applications and services and allows you to assess their usage through cloud service reporting. Cloud service categories include Audio Streaming, Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Storage, Collaboration, CRM, Development, File Sharing, HR, Personal E-Mail, Video Streaming, and VoIP Services.

On the Reports Selection page, in the Cloud Services Reports section, two report templates allow you to generate reports on only cloud service categories.

  • Cloud Services Detail
    • This is a low-level report that shows the specific URLs of cloud services by user, that is, visits to only the cloud service categories. It provides management with a complete view of every cloud service URL the user has clicked. This information can be used for cloud usage audits, identifying the most active users and the most heavily visited sites.
  • Cloud Services Summary
    • This is a high-level report that shows employee Web use of cloud services. It indicates by user the number of visits to sites in the cloud service categories. Information is presented by category and by individual user. The report can be used to identify cloud service usage patterns, better manage cloud subscriptions, and highlight abnormal activity.