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Tag: change default proxy port

Changing the proxy server communication port

In CyBlock, the default proxy communication port is 8080. You can change this by editing the cbs.cfg file.

  1. Stop the CyBlock service.
  2. Open …/Wavecrest/CyBlock/wc/cyblock/db/cbs.cfg.
  3. Look for the following line:
  4. Change 8080 to the desired port.
  5. Restart the CyBlock service.


How to change the default proxy port (CyBlock Software)

By default, CyBlock uses 8080 as the proxy port. If necessary, this can be changed by editing the appropriate file.

  1. Stop the CyBlock service
  2. Navigate to …\Wavecrest\CyBlock\wc\cyblock\db.
  3. In an editor, such as WordPad, open cbs.cfg.
  4. Find the line SAP_COMMUNICATION_PORT=8080.
  5. Change 8080 to the desired port number and save the file.
  6. Restart the service.