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Product installation stalls at 4% during upgrade

This article addresses a product installation possibly stalling during an upgrade. There is a folder that is moved during the upgrade and then put back in place after the upgrade. This is the point at which you may experience the installation being stalled at 4%.

Note the following:

  • The length of time that the installation will take depends on the amount of time that is takes to move the folder (based upon the size of the folder) during the upgrade and paste back into the correct location after the upgrade completes.
  • The affected files are in ..\wc\jetty\interface\myfiles.
  • The myfiles folder will be very large and contains your previously run reports.

Perform the following steps:

  • Stop your Cyfin/CyBlock service and move the myfiles folder out of the install path to a different/temporary location.
  • Run the upgrade.
  • Stop your service again and move the folder back to the original location.

You should now be up and running with the upgraded version of the product.