Importing Active Directory logon accounts

This information applies to version 9.2.9 and later.

To import AD logon accounts, you need to set up Active Directory with the Manager Group Type.

  • Go to User Management – Import Users – Active Directory – Setup. Ensure that you select Group Type “Manager” and also “Create manager logon account for each manager.” Then import AD manually or schedule an import.
  • A job is submitted to the job queue, and the AD logon accounts are imported. Go to User Management – Logon Accounts to view the added accounts.
  • When a logon account is created, you will receive an e-mail. However, if the logon account already exists, no e-mail will be sent after logon accounts are imported.
  • If a logon account is edited, it will be reset to the grouping set in Active Directory if managing your groups and IDs outside the product.
  • If logon accounts are no longer manager accounts in Active Directory, they will remain as such in the product. The product does not remove the manager account role.
  • When AD logon accounts are imported, they are sorted uppercase before lowercase on the User Management – Edit Users screens based on the groups and IDs in the product. This applies to all other AD group types as well.