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v9.2.8 Release Notes for CyBlock Appliance


  • Server Information. On the System Status – Server Information screen, in the Installation Information section, the product disk usage and the available disk space are now displayed. The available disk space shows the amount of free space remaining out of the total drive space.
  • Hits and Visits Calculation
    • The hits and visits calculation has been enhanced by evaluating additional information from the log records. This improves the accuracy of the calculation.
    • The Visit Filter has been corrected to use proper time calculation.
  • PAC File Sync. Any IP/domain exception changes to the PAC file configuration are now automatically or can now be manually synced with your CyBlock Cloud account in a Hybrid deployment.
  • System Status Messages
    • The Event Log and Profiling Log screens have been updated to allow Technical Support to view legacy or new messages.
    • Profiling sent to Technical Support now includes all possible files such as profiling log, event log, and numbered files.
    • Prior to starting profiling, locked files will be deleted.
  • Java Runtime Environment. The version of JRE was updated to the latest with all security and performance fixes.


  • End User License Agreement. Item #10 in the EULA has been updated. Go to Help – EULA to view this update.