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v9.2.8.m Release Notes for CyBlock Appliance


  • Thread Information. On the System Status – Proxy Information page, the Thread Name field has been added.
  • Packet Reader
    • On the System Status – Protocol page, the Packet Reader Stats field has been added to show tether statistics.
    • The packet reader map has been replaced with a cache that is capped and expires. This improves memory consumption and performance.


  • Product Upgrade. The allocated memory for the product upgrade has been increased which should prevent updates from failing.
  • Data Transfer. Both direct and proxy traffic now account for large one-directional data transfers instead of timing out due to inactivity from the opposing direction.
  • Direct Traffic. The thread pool has been improved for redirecting HTTP and HTTPS traffic. Previously, the redirect appeared to lock up.
  • Shutdown. Shutting down the service now shuts down the packet reader cleanly.