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v9.2.5 Release Notes for CyBlock Appliance


  • Authentication Manager
    • Bypass Tab. The sections on this tab were renamed “Bypass List” and “Bypass Monitor.”
      • Bypass List
        • The list can now be filtered by URL/domain, user-agent, and count. Filtering by count shows all active entries with count greater than 0.
        • The columns are now sorted appropriately.
        • Long user-agents that were truncated and displayed with “…” now use the original value when edited. Previously, the truncated value was showing when editing the entry.
        • iTunes/* has been added as a bypass entry to the Wavecrest URL List. After the next list download, it will be displayed in the Bypass List.
        • The way in which entries are loaded into the Bypass List from the Wavecrest URL List has changed.
        • Entries with the same URL but different user-agents are consolidated into one entry with User-Agent *. Likewise, entries with the same user-agent but different URLs are also consolidated. Consolidation occurs 1 hour after a service restart and then every 24 hours.
      • Bypass Monitor
        • This section is mostly used by Technical Support for troubleshooting purposes.
        • Entries can now be filtered by IP address, initial time, URL/domain, and user-agent.
        • A Tooltip now displays for all long URLs/domains and user-agents, which are truncated.
        • The retention period for entries is now 10 minutes. If a URL is still in the list when the period expires, it is automatically deleted.
        • An entry is displayed in the Bypass Monitor after a set minimum time.
        • An entry in the Bypass Monitor is moved to the Bypass List when the count exceeds a set threshold and the set minimum time is exceeded.
    • Cache Tab. In login name caching, the default duration of the cache entry is now 15 minutes.
  • Manager Access. In User Management – Logon Accounts, the Operator role has been renamed “Manager” to more accurately describe the account user of the product.
  • Interactive Report Password
    • The password for the account for viewing interactive reports can no longer be inadvertently changed by way of the Logon screen.
    • The user is no longer redirected to the Logon screen when failing to enter the correct report password, and therefore cannot enter the account as the logon.
    • On the report Logon screen, the Forgot password? link was removed to prevent resetting the report password. Users need to contact their administrator if they have forgotten the report password.
  • Live Support. Chat assistance is now available in the full version of the product where you can talk to Customer Service or Technical Support over live chat. This feature is another way in which you can ask questions about our products. Just click Live Support in the navigation bar.


  • Time Zone Adjustments. Time zone adjustments now account for decimals. Previously, only whole numbers were considered.
  • Syncing With Cloud Account. For CyBlock Hybrid customers, missing groups in filtering policies no longer prevent syncing from completing between your local CyBlock instance and your cloud account. Missing groups are now properly handled.
  • URL List Updates. URL List updates are now loaded into the database when the list is downloaded. Previously, the new list date showed, but the list changes were not applied.
  • Runtime Environment. The Java Runtime Environment has been updated to address new root certificates causing a problem with SSL Inspection. This corrects the problem.
  • “Direct” User ID. For new installations, the “direct” user ID now resides in the Ungrouped IDs group by default so that direct traffic is visible with the appliance inline. Previously, this user ID resided in the VIP group and was not visible in the Real-Time Web Monitor, Dashboard charts, and reports.