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v9.1.1.f Release Notes for CyBlock Appliance


  • AUP Only Authentication. The following features have been added:
    • AUP Only authentication has been added to require that guest users accept the AUP before accessing your network. Their user credentials are not required.
    • On the User Management – Authentication – Rules tab, “AUP Only” has been added to the Type field and to the filter field.
    • When a rule is created with AUP Only authentication, a logon page is presented to the guest user requiring him to accept the AUP.
    • The logon page is customizable on the User Management – Authentication – Cookie tab.
    • After a product update or service restart, ID guest access(aup_guest) is added to Ungrouped IDs. If this ID is deleted and guest Web traffic is proxied, the ID is displayed as aup_guest, that is, without the full name.
    • Guest users are displayed with ID aup_guest in the Real-Time Web Monitor, Dashboard Charts, and reports.
    • Blocking policies can be applied to ID aup_guest.
    • AUP Only authentication is recorded in the Event Log which shows the IP address that was used to agree to the AUP for Web access.


  • URL List. The URL List engine was updated to better handle synchronization. This change addresses an issue in which customers randomly saw no list present in the product and needed to download the list again.
  • Direct” User Name. User name “direct” is no longer being cached.