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v9.0.4 Release Notes for CyBlock Appliance


  • Rebranding
    • CyBlock and Cyfin version numbers have been consolidated, and all products now have the same version number.
  • Logon
    • A more secure logon is available. After logging on with the default password, you will be required to change your password on the Change Your Password screen. If you forget your password, a “Forgot password” link is available to reset your password to the default.
  • Menu Structure
    • Web Management. In this menu, you will find the Filtering features, such as Control Web Protocols, Web Categories, Web Content, and Web Search, and Web Blocking Message. Bandwidth Management and the Client Download and Install screen for CyBlock Appliance are also in this menu.
      • You can now customize your blocking message using a Message Editor embedded in the interface. Previously, your HTML file would have to be modified outside the product. A Restore Default button allows you to revert to the Wavecrest default blocking message.
    • Data Management. This menu contains the screen for setting up log file data.
    • User Management. This menu covers all aspects of managing users including adding groups and IDs, setting up and importing users from Active Directory, and authentication.
      • On the Active Directory Import Settings screen, the manual import of groups and IDs from an Active Directory configuration has been combined with the scheduling of the automatic update.
      • The Change Your Password screen lets you change your password at any time and requires your password to meet certain criteria.
    • Categorization. This menu contains all screens associated with the Wavecrest URL List including downloading the list, checking the categories of URLs, and adding custom categories.
      • The URL List Version screen allows you to change the version of the list if instructed to do so by Technical Support.
      • On the URL List Download screen, the manual download of the URL List has been combined with the scheduling of the daily download of the list.
      • The URL List Repair screen allows you to repair the list if instructed to do so by Technical Support.
      • On the Edit URLs screen, the Custom Categories and Edit URLs features have been combined into one screen.
    • Real-Time Monitors. In this menu, you will find the protocol, Web, and bandwidth monitors.
      • The Real-Time Web Monitor includes new options to display authentication challenge (407) requests and wrapped URLs. The settings and controls are now also available in a toolbar and can be changed while the monitor is gathering data in real time.
    • Reports. The Dashboard Top Coached Report is now available in CyBlock Appliance.
    • System Status. This menu covers system information that is intended for administrators’ use, such as server status and information, filter status, job queue, and policy reports.
      • The Proxy Cache Information screen displays user names that are cached when login name caching is enabled.
      • New screens allow you to see dates and times of the URL List and product updates, product event errors and messages, and profiling information. The event and profiling logs are used by Technical Support for troubleshooting purposes.
    • Settings. In this menu, you will find those features that usually require a one-time setup, such as license information, product admin e-mail address, PAC file, SSL certificates, SSL inspection, and memory settings.
      • The Internet Connection screen now includes fields for FTP authentication.
      • On the PAC File Configuration screen, an icon to view your PAC file is available.
      • The Web Redirects screen allows you to redirect HTTP traffic from port 80 to port 8080 and also exclude IP addresses from being redirected.
    • Help. Along with product documentation, Support screens, and contact information, the Help menu now contains the Category Descriptions and Check for Product Updates screens.