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Cyfin Cloud Getting Started Guide

Getting Started Checklist

This checklist is provided for getting Cyfin Cloud up and running. It involves the following steps:


  1. Provide your company name
  2. Syslog protocol preference:
    • UDP (recommended default)
    • TCP
    • SSL
  3. Provide time zone(s) of your firewall(s)
  4. What is your data retention requirement
  5. What is your targeted start date to begin your evaluation

Starting Evaluation

After providing the above provisioning information to your rep you will receive an email that will contain the following:

  • Connection information to your newly provisioned Cyfin Cloud instance
  • Temporary password

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your Firewall by default may block outbound syslog messages. Please make sure you have a security policy in place that will allow outbound connections to your new Cyfin Cloud instance and port number.