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Dashboard charts are not showing data

If your Dashboard charts are not showing any data, use the steps below to determine and resolve the issue:

  1. Go to …\wc\[cyfin|cyblock]\db to locate the Superview.pre923 folder. If it exists, it means that your Superview folder was too large and was archived.
  2. Run the following command line command:
    • For Cyfin:

    “<user_install_dir>\wc\jre\bin\cyfin” -Xmx256m -classpath “<user_install_dir>\wc\*;<user_install_dir>\wc\libs\*” wc.ia.TimeOnlineDatabaseModifier “<user_install_dir>” cf Superview.pre923

    For example:

    “C:\Program Files\Wavecrest\Cyfin/wc\jre\bin\cyfin” -Xmx256m -classpath “C:\Program Files\Wavecrest\Cyfin\wc\*;C:\Program Files\Wavecrest\Cyfin\wc\libs\*” wc.ia.TimeOnlineDatabaseModifier “C:\Program Files\Wavecrest\Cyfin” cf Superview.pre923

    • For CyBlock:

    “<user_install_dir>\wc\jre\bin\cyblock” -Xmx256m -classpath “<user_install_dir>\wc\*;<user_install_dir>\wc\libs\*” wc.ia.TimeOnlineDatabaseModifier “<user_install_dir>” cyblock Superview.pre923

    For example:

    “C:\Program Files\Wavecrest\CyBlock/wc\jre\bin\cyblock” -Xmx256m -classpath “C:\Program Files\Wavecrest\CyBlock\wc\*;C:\Program Files\Wavecrest\CyBlock\wc\libs\*” wc.ia.TimeOnlineDatabaseModifier “C:\Program Files\Wavecrest\CyBlock” cyblock Superview.pre923

  3. Stop the service.
  4. Rename the Superview folder to “Superview.tmp.”
  5. Rename the Superview.pre923 folder to “Superview.”
  6. Start the service.
  7. Confirm that your historical Dashboard data is now present.

If you need assistance, please contact Technical Support at (321) 953-5351, Ext. 4 or