v9.3.4 Release Notes for Cyfin


  • Log Configurations Wizard. When configuring a syslog data source, the product will now wait for data to start flowing through the syslog server, before attempting to analyze the records against known configurations. This will prevent the product incorrectly informing the user that the syslog data did not match any configurations.
  • Support – Patch. Created new screen to add custom log configurations provided by support to the product.
  • Syslog. Updated the syslog daemon to make use of multiple threads instead of single thread when running with protocol UDP. This should improve the performance and capabilities of the UDP syslog engine.
  • Syslog Status. Updated the syslog status information screen to reflect the number of threads that are listening (IsAlive)
  • Secure Interface. Added ability to configure custom SSL Certificate or re-new Wavecrest certificate. When Wavecrest certificate is used, a link is now provided to install the root certificate authority in order for browsers to show certificate as valid.
  • Live Chat. Renamed the “Live Support” tab in the top bar to “Live Chat”. This tab was only visible to licensed products, but is now available to all products and licenses. The chat widget that loads on each page is now visible for normal evaluation keys as well as full evaluation keys.
  • Time Frame Selection. Added new “Today” option for Time Frame Date Range selection in reports and dashboard charts. This option will include data for the entire current day. eg: Mar 24 00:00:00 to Mar 24 23:59:59.


  • Server Information. Corrected the Data Disk Usage information to reflect the data drive for the product instead of root. This changed was also applied to the disk usage monitor.
  • Audit Summary Reports. Adjusted the report query to not include entries that are hit only.
  • Submitting Reports. Removed raw log file check when submitting reports. This check relied on log file data that may not be current and was incorrectly preventing reports from being submitted.