v9.3.3.a Release Notes for Cyfin


  • Log Configurations. Updated Sophos (Astaro Security Legacy) log configuration to include useragent and referer.
  • Syslog Status. Added proper name for direct import handler and palo alto firewall handler. Previously these were just illegible object references.
  • Syslog Daemon. Replaced syslog library used when running syslog servers to a newer more advanced library. This new library increases the amount of data our syslog server can handle and can also be scaled.
  • Hits Visits Calculation. The reporter will now check the list for entries that are from known content providers and thus should always be considered hits.
  • Disk Usage Monitor. Added task to monitor disk usage on both product and metric server and email administrator if any disk usage exceeds 90%.
  • Logfile Configuration Wizard. Increased the efficiency of the log record analyzer when configuring logs which leads to quicker results.
  • Server Information screen
    • Replaced Product Disk Usage and Disk Space Available entries with single Product Root Disk Usage entry. The value for the new entry is listed as dd% (n.n free out of mm) where dd is used percentage.
    • Added Metric server disk usage section (Data Disk Usage) where we list the disk usage by the product as well as all configured metric servers. The entries are listed as key value pairs where the key is name(ip) and the value is listed as dd% (n.n free out of mm) where dd is used percentage.


  • Hits Visits Calculation. Fixed issue with direct import of syslog data that was making all web requests hit instead of properly assessing visit probability. This was because the supplemental category was not being set properly.
  • Syslog Daemon. Line breaks are now removed from incoming syslog messages. The breaks were causing problems with regex in the log parser.