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Tag: machine names

What are # and $ characters in user names?

The following explains the symbols that may appearĀ in user names:

  • User IDs with appended $ characters are machine names that are contained within the browser header information. These names are unauthenticated server names submitting a request without the machine being logged on to. Since there is no user ID for the request, the machinename$ is used for the authentication challenge request.
    • If the user ID *$ does not exist in the VIP group, the machinename$ user ID is added to the Ungrouped IDs group.
    • If the user ID *$ exists in the VIP group, all unauthenticated machine traffic is compiled in the *$ user ID.
    • Filter policies are not applied to machine names, and they do not count against your license.
  • The IDs # and none# appear if the browser fails to send a proper user name when challenged by the proxy. This happens sporadically and is not easily reproducible in order to provide a direct resolution. The issue is currently under investigation.

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