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Tag: hardware

v9.5.1 Release Notes for CyBlock Appliance


  • System
    • Upgraded Java Run-Time Engine to Version 11.
    • Caching product update information to prevent constant polling while on home screen.
  • Settings
    • Email
      • Replaced all legacy e-mail client with newer version.
      • Added option for e-mail client to connect using ssl.
      • Added SSLStart capability to e-mail client.
    • Secure interface
      • Forcing TLS1.2 for default interface certificates.
      • TT-2232 Added Subject Alternate Names as option to generating Certificate Signature Request.
  • Reporting
    • Log File Text Parser 
      • Updated next generation reporting engine to parse web type data configurations. Product now capable of reading multiple record types for single data configuration.
    • Added Office365 reporting module.
      • Added configuration option in Data Management – Setup.
      • Added Office365 option in Report Templates including all available reporting fields for creating Office 365 report sections.
      • Updated Reporting engine to pull data from Office 365 data stored in metric server.
  • Data Management
    • Added option to compressed log data that was generated by Wavecrest product (eg. syslog, or CyBlock).  This option is disabled by default.
  • User Management
    • Authentication – Bypass
      • Added ability to assign custom username to use for individual bypass rule.


  • System
    • Removed log4j and replaced with latest fully patched log4j2 version. 
    • Improved UI speed by removing unnecessary health check calls.
    • Removed unused libraries from installer.
    • Implemented new library implementation for tracking CPU and Memory usage for Windows installs.
  • Data Manager – Log File Download
    • TT-2340 Fixed calendar incorrectly setting last available download date.
  • Reporting
    • Dashboard Charts – Trend – Classifications
      • TT-2235 Corrected parameter issue that caused chart to not load.
    • Report Manager
      • TT-2314 Fixed the no network segments exist message.
    • Reporting
      • Real-Time Monitor – Protocol
        • TT-2334 Fixed Groups and IDs selection issue that prevented selection of groups or ids. Also present in Block Protocol screen.
  • Categorization
    • TT-2291 URLs that are uppercased in log source now properly match to list or custom URL entries.
  • Web Management – Web Search
    • Corrected Google Safe Search feature that prevented safe feature being applied to google search requests.