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Tag: Control List

Unlock Comprehensive Web Usage Insights with Advanced Categorization

In the realm of cybersecurity, not all categorization lists carry equal weight. Most firewall and web filtering tools come equipped with these lists, primarily aimed at filtering out websites that pose security threats or legal liabilities, aligning with a company’s usage policy.

However, it’s crucial to be discerning when employing these lists for evaluating employee web usage activity. A common shortfall of conventional lists lies in their narrow focus on security and legal liability, often resulting in a lack of comprehensive categorization. Consequently, they may inadequately represent the full spectrum of employee web activity, frequently leading to mis-categorizations, especially in non-security related categories.

In today’s landscape, website categorization is often perceived as a standardized commodity, with many assuming that all lists render uniform information. This assumption holds if the sole purpose is to filter out malicious content or legal liability sites. However, a multitude of companies necessitate extensive employee web usage reports for intricate purposes such as investigations, managerial oversight, and HR monitoring. These reports are pivotal in identifying areas for augmenting productivity and mitigating prospective legal vulnerabilities.

Overlooking the nuanced differences in categorization lists can inadvertently foster inaccurate reporting, culminating in misguided managerial decisions, compromised investigations, and heightened susceptibility to legal complications.

Since 1996, Wavecrest has been at the forefront, cultivating a categorization system emblematic of comprehensiveness and accuracy. Our unwavering commitment is to furnish a holistic view of web usage. In scenarios necessitating nuanced reporting, it becomes indispensable to consider our meticulously crafted products, Cyfin and CyBlock. These tools are instrumental in facilitating informed decisions, fostering enhanced productivity, and safeguarding against legal pitfalls.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Web Usage Insight with Wavecrest

In a digital ecosystem where precision and comprehensiveness are paramount, settling for a generic categorization list is no longer sufficient. The nuanced demands of modern businesses necessitate a tool that stands resilient against the shortcomings of mis-categorization and incomplete web usage portrayal. Wavecrest’s legacy of innovation and meticulous development has fostered products that transcend the conventional, providing a multi-dimensional view of web activity essential for informed decision-making. With Cyfin and CyBlock, embrace a realm of categorization that is robust, nuanced, and tailored to meet the intricate demands of contemporary web usage monitoring. Opt for Wavecrest, and unlock a wealth of insights that empower your organization to thrive securely and efficiently in the digital landscape.

Error initializing list (XIE0R): Import error…

The following list load error has been seen in the old UI version 8.8.3a and earlier:

“Error initializing list (XIE0R): Import error on line X,XXX,XXX of file C:\Program Files\Wavecrest\CyBlock\wc\cyblock\plugin\~temp.bin: The statement was aborted because it would have caused a duplicate key value in a unique or primary key constraint or unique index identified by ‘SQL:XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX’ defined on ‘CONTROLLIST’

The above error will show immediately after logging on to the UI, indicating an issue with the list where it must be purged, and the latest list 8 must be downloaded. To resolve the issue, please do the following:

For CyBlock:

  1. Stop the CyBlock service.
  2. Go to …Wavecrest\CyBlock\wc\cyblock\db\plugin.
  3. Remove all files/folders from the plugin directory so that it is empty.
  4. Start the CyBlock service.
  5. Log on to CyBlock.
  6. Go to Administration – URL List – Download – Manual – Download Now.


For Cyfin:

  1. Stop the Cyfin service.
  2. Go to …Wavecrest\Cyfin\wc\cf\db\plugin.
  3. Remove all files/folders from the plugin directory so that it is empty.
  4. Start the Cyfin service.
  5. Log on to Cyfin.
  6. Go to Administration – URL List – Download – Manual – Download Now.


Once these steps are complete, you should see a “Category Resolution is Ready” message in green.