v9.3.2.b Release Notes for Cyfin


  • Data Source Configuration Wizard. The processing speed of the Data Source Setup wizard was increased, improving performance.
  • Data Source Configuration. On the Data Source Type page, the SonicWALL Security Appliance (Firmware: data source configuration has been added to the Type of Data field to better handle the result code.
  • Manager Summary Report. This simple, easy-to-read report shows time online for employees with the most Web browsing activity, those who visited the most social media sites, and categories and Web sites most visited. It is ideal for managers who want high-level employee Web-use information.
  • Syslog Status. On the System Status – Syslog screen, the columns have been expanded to show more information.
  • Hits and Visits Calculation. Supplemental categorization has been updated which improves the hits and visits calculation.
  • Java Runtime Environment. The version of JRE was updated to the latest release.


  • Language Settings. After changing the Language field in Report Options, the following reporting issues occurred and have been corrected:
    • The category name and drill-down in charts were incorrect.
    • When running an interactive report, the date format was incorrect.
    • The classification name and color were not displaying correctly.
  • Custom Time Frame. When editing a report, the start and stop dates/times for the Custom date range are now loaded correctly.
  • End User License Agreement. The EULA has been updated to add new clauses #6 and #7. Go to Help – EULA to view this update.
  • Unacceptable Visits. The Unacceptable Visits Report is now generated properly. Previously, no data was displayed.