v9.3.1 Release Notes for Cyfin


  • NEW! Data Source Configuration Wizard
    • The Log Data Source wizard has been redesigned to improve the user experience of configuring the product to locate and read Web-use data when it is syslog data, log files, or database logs.
    • The system analyzes your data to detect your data source format and matches the most suitable data types, allowing you to select the best data type from the list and ensuring you get the best match available.
    • You will be able to easily test events, such as the port being opened, messages being received for syslog data, and files detected for directory-based configurations.
    • If available, you will also be able to preview the data to ensure that it is complete and from the correct data source.
    • For syslog, you will be able to specify the location of where you want to retain a local copy of the log data for reporting.
    • After saving the syslog data source configuration, the syslog data will be automatically imported into the metric server.
    • For all database configurations, a “More info” link has been added to provide setup information on your specific database data type.
  • Importing Data. The importing speed has been increased by temporarily storing objects that are used repeatedly throughout the import process.
  • Data Source Configurations
    • On the Data Source Type page, the following data source configurations have been added to the Type of Data field:
      • Barracuda Networks – Apache Format
      • Check Point Syslog R77.30
      • Cisco Firepower
    • Syslog capability has been enabled for McAfee Web Gateway.
  • Syslog Daemon
    • The syslog daemon was upgraded to handle multiple processors from the same protocol and port.
    • In addition to writing to disk, syslog data is now imported directly from your syslog source into the metric server.
  • Memory Settings. In a VM deployment, the Memory Settings page has been removed since it does not apply. Memory is set on the virtual machine.
  • Restart or Shutdown. In a VM deployment, the Restart or Shutdown page has been added with the Restart option.
  • Hits and Visits Calculation. The hits and visits calculation has been updated to include the browser information from the user-agent field. The calculation only considers traffic from known browsers to be visits.


  • Importing Data
    • For log files that do not have an accurate stop time, the import process will now complete instead of reverting.
    • When checking import data on the metric server, only incorrect entries will be discarded versus the entire data imported.
  • Reporting. Previously, the time online calculation was using negative numbers when the log was asynchronous. This has been corrected.
  • Product Upgrade. The allocated memory for the product upgrade has been increased which should prevent updates from failing.