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v9.2.8 Release Notes for Cyfin


  • Syslog Log File Configurations. The ability to configure a syslog filter was added. After enabling the syslog server, the Syslog Filter field appears which is prepopulated with the default value format based on your syslog configuration. It is used to log only the pertinent data into the syslog and not all the data that is being sent. This helps keep the size of the syslog file down to a bare minimum.
    • If this is the data that you want reported on, no changes are necessary.
    • If you want all data that is being transferred, delete the contents of the field.
    • If you want only certain records, enter the criteria in the field.
  • Server Information. On the System Status – Server Information screen, in the Installation Information section, the product disk usage and the available disk space are now displayed. The available disk space shows the amount of free space remaining out of the total drive space.
  • Log File Removal. The Log Data Source – Delete screen has been added to allow you to manually delete or schedule a deletion of only raw syslog log files from disk either at the current time or at the default scheduled time. This will help alleviate the possibility of running out of disk space.
  • Hits and Visits Calculation. The hits and visits calculation has been enhanced by evaluating additional information from the log records. This improves the accuracy of the calculation.
  • System Status Messages
    • The Event Log and Profiling Log screens have been updated to allow Technical Support to view legacy or new messages.
    • Profiling sent to Technical Support now includes all possible files such as profiling log, event log, and numbered files.
    • Prior to starting profiling, locked files will be deleted.
  • Java Runtime Environment. The version of JRE was updated to the latest with all security and performance fixes.


  • Log Database Configurations
    • In Log Data Source Setup, previously when modifying a log database configuration, the change was not saved. This has been corrected.
    • For Microsoft ISA Server (MSDE Database), the IP address was not being translated properly. This has been corrected.
  • Running Reports. If the administrator e-mail was not set up correctly on Settings – E-Mail, you could not submit a report even when using the report delivery of “Wait.” This has been corrected.
  • End User License Agreement. Item #10 in the EULA has been updated. Go to Help – EULA to view this update.