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v9.2.5 Release Notes for Cyfin


  • Manager Access. In User Management – Logon Accounts, the Operator role has been renamed “Manager” to more accurately describe the account user of the product.
  • Interactive Report Password
    • The password for the account for viewing interactive reports can no longer be inadvertently changed by way of the Logon screen.
    • The user is no longer redirected to the Logon screen when failing to enter the correct report password, and therefore cannot enter the account as the logon.
    • On the report Logon screen, the Forgot password? link was removed to prevent resetting the report password. Users need to contact their administrator if they have forgotten the report password.
  • Live Support. Chat assistance is now available in the full version of the product where you can talk to Customer Service or Technical Support over live chat. This feature is another way in which you can ask questions about our products. Just click Live Support in the navigation bar.
  • InstallAnywhere Interface. The installer has been updated with our latest product images providing a better look and feel.


  • Log File Configurations. This includes the following changes in Data Management – Log Data Source – Setup:
    • For the Astaro Security log file configuration, only successful requests are read resulting in an accurate visit count. Previously, all entries were treated as successful requests.
    • The Blue Coat Systems (No Stem) log file configuration has been added.
    • Syslog capability has been added to:
      • Fortigate
      • Fortigate 5.0
      • SonicWALL Security Appliance. The Information page was also updated. Ensure your SonicWALL logs are configured properly for Cyfin syslog. See the Wavecrest Knowledge Base for these steps.
    • The SonicWALL Syslog log file configuration was removed.
    • The WatchGuard PostgreSQL log database configuration was removed.
    • For the WatchGuard v11.10.7 PostgreSQL log database configuration, the Database, Port, User Name, and Password fields have been added.
  • Time Zone Adjustments. Time zone adjustments now account for decimals. Previously, only whole numbers were considered.
  • URL List Updates. URL List updates are now loaded into the database when the list is downloaded. Previously, the new list date showed, but the list changes were not applied.