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v9.1.2 Release Notes for Cyfin


  • Anonymous IDs in Reports. This includes the following changes:
    • An Anonymous IDs option has been added to General Advanced Options on the Settings – Reports – Options page to allow anonymous IDs in reports.
    • With this option selected, the Anonymous IDs field on the Create Report page will be available to enable anonymous IDs in the report you are running. You can also disable anonymous IDs.
    • The Create Report page for the following reports will display the Anonymous IDs field:
      • All High-Level Summary Reports excluding Top Web Sites
      • Category Audit Detail
      • Search Terms Audit Detail
      • Site Audit Detail
      • Site Analysis Bandwidth
    • On the Create Report page, if the Report View field is set to Interactive, the Anonymous IDs field will be unavailable.
    • If the Anonymous IDs option is turned off on the Report Options page, the Anonymous IDs field will not show on the Create Report page. Also, existing reports with Anonymous IDs enabled will not generate anonymized reports.


  • Log Database Configurations. After configuring a log database source and restarting the service, users were unable to import log files or run reports on this data. This has been corrected.
  • Custom Categories in Reports. Full URLs for custom categories are now displayed in audit reports while the product is in evaluation.