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v9.3.1 Release Notes for CyBlock Software


  • Memory Settings. In a VM deployment, the Memory Settings page has been removed since it does not apply. Memory is set on the virtual machine.
  • Restart or Shutdown. In a VM deployment, the Restart or Shutdown page has been added with the Restart option.
  • Captive Portal AUP Text
    • On the Authentication Manager – Cookie tab, the Authentication Page Settings have been updated to allow you to enter your AUP in an editor to be displayed on the captive portal logon page.
    • Customers who are upgrading to this version should confirm their Authentication Page Settings.
    • You can now read the AUP on the captive portal logon page and accept it without having to click a link to view the AUP.
  • Hits and Visits Calculation. The hits and visits calculation has been updated to include the browser information from the user-agent field. The calculation only considers traffic from known browsers to be visits.


  • Importing Data
    • For log files that do not have an accurate stop time, the import process will now complete instead of reverting.
    • When checking import data on the metric server, only incorrect entries will be discarded versus the entire data imported.
  • Reporting. Previously, the time online calculation was using negative numbers when the log was asynchronous. This has been corrected.
  • Direct Dashboard Import. For direct dashboard import, consideration of content-type was readded in the hits and visits calculation.
  • Control Web Categories. Custom categories containing special characters are now displayed only once. Previously, these categories appeared twice on the Control Web Categories page.
  • Proxy Connections. An issue with a Keep-Alive Connection cleanup lead to lingering connections on the proxy machine. This has been fixed.
  • Product Upgrade. The allocated memory for the product upgrade has been increased which should prevent updates from failing.