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v9.2.0 Release Notes for CyBlock Software


  • CyBlock Hybrid Reporting. The following features have been added:
    • In a Hybrid deployment, Web-use reporting on your remote employees, i.e., cloud users, is now available.
    • When your local CyBlock installation is paired with your CyBlock Cloud account, the following occurs:
      • Cloud log files are imported nightly into the Report Database similar to your local logs.
      • Cloud log files are compressed when transferred.
      • A data configuration field is displayed on the following pages to allow you to view your cloud configuration, local CyBlock configuration, or all configurations if applicable.
        • Data Management – Log Data Source – Viewer
        • Data Management – Log Data Source – Revalidate
        • Data Management – Report Database – Import – Manual
        • Data Management – Report Database – Viewer
        • Data Management – Report Database – Delete – Manual
        • Real-Time Monitors – Web
        • Reports – Manager (all reports)
        • Reports – Dashboard (excluding Top Classifications, Top Coached, and Trend Classifications)
      • The cloud configuration is displayed as the pairing cloud server to which your local installation is connected, for example,
    • Real-Time Web Monitor. The Real-Time Web Monitor displays the Web traffic of your remote employees, i.e., cloud users.
      • You may select your cloud or local configuration to view the live Web traffic of that data source.
      • Messages are displayed if sync communication is temporarily stopped, your CyBlock installation and cloud account are unpaired, or the pairing cloud server is down for some reason.
    • Reports. Reports can be run to analyze the Web usage of your cloud users.
      • You may select your cloud, local, or all configurations to run reports on the Web traffic of that data source.
      • Cloud reports are current as of the previous day. To get a report with the current day’s cloud data, perform a manual sync on the Settings – Hybrid screen, and then run the report.
      • You can verify that cloud logs have been transferred by going to the Data Management – Log Data Source – Viewer screen.
    • Dashboard Charts. Dashboard charts show cloud Web activity for the top users, groups, categories, and sites, and provide trending for users, groups, categories, and denied and allowed traffic.
      • You may select your cloud or local configuration to view the Web traffic of that data source.
  • Safe Search for YouTube. The ability to enable Safe Search for YouTube has been added. When Safe Search and SSL Inspection are enabled, adult content is blocked in YouTube regardless of its Restricted Mode setting.


  • Converting Scheduled Reports. Scheduled reports that were created in the old interface should now be converted correctly when upgrading the product to the latest version. Previously, updated libraries were missing that caused the upgrade process to not finish.
  • Preventing Infinite Proxy Loop. The correction includes adding protection to the proxy to prevent forwarding requests that have already been processed.