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v9.2.0.a Release Notes for CyBlock Software


  • Application Controls. With the now secure YouTube site (https), specific videos can be allowed with the TV/Video Streaming category blocked. Previously, allowed YouTube videos did not load properly with secure YouTube connections.
  • Safe Search for Bing. When Safe Search and SSL Inspection are enabled, adult content is now properly blocked in Bing search results. Previously, this was not working consistently.
  • Single Compressed Report. An e-mail is now received with the attached compressed report if a single report is being e-mailed. Previously, the Compress Reports for E-Mail report option did not work when only one report was e-mailed.
  • Scheduled Deletion of Imported Data. The correct message is now displayed when the Scheduler Enable option is selected and submitted on the Data Management – Report Database – Delete – Schedule screen. Previously, when you selected Enable, the proper message was displayed but switched to the message for the Disable option when you clicked Submit.
  • Logon Accounts. Previously, logon accounts were inadvertently limited to five. This has been corrected.