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v9.1.6 Release Notes for CyBlock Software


  • Log File Download. The following features have been added:
    • The Log File Download page allows you to download raw log files to a location of your choice.
    • You may select a single day or a range of days.
    • The log files will be compressed and combined into a ZIP file.
    • Go to Data Management – Log Data Source – Download to access this page.
  • Audit Data Export. The following features have been added:
    • The Audit Data Export allows you to export the details of users’ Web activity in one or more categories that you select.
    • The export is available in CSV file format which can be used in external applications, such as spreadsheets, report generators, relational databases.
    • Every visit made by a user is listed separately in chronological order. Information for each visit includes the user name, IP address, category, date/time, Web site, and full URL.
    • Go to Reports – Manager to access the export. It is listed in the Forensic Reports section.
  • End User License Agreement. The following features have been added:
    • The License Agreement has been removed from the product installer and added to the product interface.
    • After installing the product or upgrading the product for this release, the initial user (admin) who logs on will be prompted to accept the License Agreement.
    • The End User License Agreement page allows you to accept and print the License Agreement. You will not be able to use the product until the License Agreement has been accepted.
    • After the License Agreement has been accepted, go to Help – EULA to read or print the License Agreement at any time.
    • If the License Agreement has not been accepted, operator accounts will receive an error message when they attempt to log on.
  • Secure Browser Interface. The following features have been added:
    • The ability to create a secure connection (HTTPS) to your browser interface has been added for customers.
    • The Secure Browser Interface page allows you to enable HTTP and/or HTTPS communication. HTTP is enabled by default.
      • You can enable both HTTP and HTTPS connections to test that the certificate file is correct.
      • If both HTTP and HTTPS are enabled, you can also enable the option to redirect HTTP communication to HTTPS.
    • Any change in the secure browser settings will require the service to automatically restart.


  • Install Folder. For new installations, the port number is no longer doubled in the installation folder path. Previously, the path showed the product name followed by the interface port twice.
  • Log Files Setup. On the Data Management – Log Data Source – Setup page, the Logging field has been renamed “Log Web Activity.”
  • Scheduled Reports in Old Interface. Scheduled reports that were created in the old interface are now properly converted when upgrading the product to the latest version. Previously, an exception error would occur causing the upgrade process to not finish.
  • Report View. In Reports – Manager, on the Create Report page, the Report View field has been removed from some reports because the Interactive option was not applicable.
  • Array Synchronization. Policies on secondary servers are now synchronized with policy changes on the primary server. Previously, this was not occurring.