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v9.1.5 Release Notes for CyBlock Software


  • White List/Black List. The ability to create a white list as well as a black list in the same Web category policy is now available. You may enter and save both allowed and blocked URLs.
  • IPC Log. The System Status – Messages – Hybrid Log menu item has been renamed “IPC Log.” The renaming of the page to “Intra-Product Communication Log” more accurately describes its purpose of displaying communication messages between your CyBlock products.


  • Throttling Policy Configuration Screen. In Google Chrome, the Maximum Available Bandwidth field label and policy icons no longer wrap on the screen. Previously, “Bandwidth” wrapped to the next line as well as the green plus icon on the policy row.
  • Redirect Blocking Message. On the Web Blocking Message page, if the Message Type option is “Redirect” and the URL for the blocking message is entered without “http://” or has an invalid format, an error message is now displayed. Previously, no error message was displayed, or the invalid URL was displayed in the Message Editor after submitting.
  • Proxy Outages. Proxy port access is now automatically recovered when an inadvertent exception closing event has occurred. Previously, when some customers were experiencing a proxy outage, the service had to be restarted.
  • Running Reports. Reports can now be run in French for a custom time frame. Previously, running reports for a custom time frame in French produced an unparseable date error.