v9.1.8 Release Notes for CyBlock Directory Agent


  • Pairing Cloud Server. On the Directory Agent Configuration page, the new Cloud Server field displays the pairing server to which CyBlock Directory Agent is connected. You may change this server if instructed to do so by Technical Support. After entering your access key, click Submit to pair your CyBlock Directory Agent installation with your CyBlock Cloud account.
  • Active Directory Setup. The following features have been added:
    • After clicking either the Back or Next button on the Setup screens, a loading icon is now displayed to indicate that the screen is working on the request.
    • While the loading icon is visible, both Back and Next buttons are temporarily disabled.
    • On the Select Groups screen, the width and length of the Use Groups box was increased to show and accommodate selecting more groups.
  • Product Help. The product Help is now context-sensitive so that when a user clicks the Help link in the product, the Help system opens to the window-level topic for the screen. The Contents, Index, and Search buttons are still available for navigating and searching the Help.