v9.1.6 Release Notes for CyBlock Directory Agent


  • End User License Agreement. The following features have been added:
    • The License Agreement has been removed from the product installer and added to the product interface.
    • After installing the product or upgrading the product for this release, the initial user (admin) who logs on will be prompted to accept the License Agreement.
    • The End User License Agreement page allows you to accept and print the License Agreement. You will not be able to use the product until the License Agreement has been accepted.
    • After the License Agreement has been accepted, go to Help – EULA to read or print the License Agreement at any time.
  • Secure Browser Interface. The following features have been added:
    • The ability to create a secure connection (HTTPS) to your browser interface has been added for customers.
    • The Secure Browser Interface page allows you to enable HTTP and/or HTTPS communication. HTTP is enabled by default.
      • You can enable both HTTP and HTTPS connections to test that the certificate file is correct.
      • If both HTTP and HTTPS are enabled, you can also enable the option to redirect HTTP communication to HTTPS.
    • Any change in the secure browser settings will require the service to automatically restart.


  • Install Folder. For new installations, the port number is no longer doubled in the installation folder path. Previously, the path showed the product name followed by the interface port twice.