v9.1.5 Release Notes for CyBlock Directory Agent


  • CyBlock Directory Agent. The features of this new product are as follows:
    • CyBlock Directory Agent synchronizes your internal Active Directory (AD) data with CyBlock Cloud updating the groups and IDs information required by the cloud service.
    • The User Management pages allow you to manage how you would like to import AD groups and IDs, create an AD configuration, and import users from AD. You may also change your logon password at any time.
    • The System Status pages show product communication and event information which is used by Technical Support for troubleshooting purposes. You may also view the grouping structure of the imported groups and IDs.
      • The System Status – Messages – IPC Log page displays the communication messages sent between your Directory Agent installation and the CyBlock Cloud server.
    • The Settings pages allow you to restart the service for the product as well as pair your Directory Agent installation with your cloud account by entering an access key.
      • The ability to manually sync AD changes with your cloud account is available on the Settings – Cloud page. You can also temporarily stop all communication between your Directory Agent installation and cloud account, reestablish communication, and delete the pairing.
    • The Help menu contains product documentation, Support pages, product updates, and contact information.
      • The product Help is also available as a Help link in the navigation bar at the top.
    • You will receive e-mail notifications on the availability of an access key or a newly generated access key, and the status of a manual or scheduled AD import.