v9.2.8.h Release Notes for CyBlock Cloud


  • New Wavecrest Certificate. The root certificate has been updated from an SHA-1 to SHA-512 certificate. SHA-1 is no longer considered an adequate encryption level. Existing customers who have the current SSL certificate installed should install the new certificate beforeĀ upgrading. Contact Technical Support at (321) 953-5351, Ext. 4 or support@wavecrest.net for the link to the certificate file. See https://www.wavecrest.net/support/include/WavecrestCertificateSHA512InstallationGuide.pdf for installation instructions.


  • Application Controls. Allowed YouTube videos now load properly. Previously, certain videos would not display properly.
  • Groups and IDs Move. A profiling error is no longer printed when groups or IDs are moved. Previously, this occurred because the move operation did not recognize a recently added database field. The move was not affected.