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v9.2.2.a Release Notes for CyBlock Cloud


  • Running High-Level Reports. For MSP customer accounts, the Enterprise group is now selected by default when running high-level reports. Previously, the user had to select a group or ID when running these reports.
  • Web Blocking Message. Changes to the blocking message can now be saved. Previously, clicking Submit did not update the page.
  • Legacy URL List. The legacy list library is no longer loaded at startup unless the product is configured to load it.
  • Invalid Custom URLs. The URL List now loads properly regardless if custom or standard categories contain invalid custom URLs.
  • Embedded URL Lookups. Embedded URLs that are not categorized properly return the categorization of the parent URL instead of error.
  • Wild card PAC file entries. PAC file exemptions can now be wild carded again.
  • Profiling. Fixed issue where profiling would be turned back on after a service restart